Everyone can be an Active Investor

Automated trading for both seasoned and novice traders. Operate active investments of any sophistication in just a few clicks.

Put the data and ideas to work without worrying about execution.

Turn data and ideas into strategies, right in your broker account. Operate single or multiple strategies just in a few clicks.

  • Real time and historical data with the finest granularity from price information to senate trades and Reddit sentiment
  • Grab a ready made strategy, modify, use as is or create your own. You are in charge
  • Link your broker of choice and have all the action happen automatically right in your account

Returns shown are for illustrative purposes only, and are not intended to serve as investment advice.

Breaking Equity is purpose-built for

Retail Investors

  • Replicate strategies created by pro traders, automatically, right in your broker account
  • See the past performance around every strategy, verified by actual track records
  • Grab social trading features to find top-performing traders
  • Dive into strategies you like with as little as $10
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Algo Traders

  • Start with ready made strategies, use as is, modify or create your own
  • Hundreds of indicators and data points at your fingertips
  • Robust backtesting with 15 years of bias free data, executing in seconds
  • Trade privately or sell strategies on the Marketplace
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One-click integration into your existing broker account

TD Ameritrade
Interactive Brokers
Charles Schwab

None of the brokers listed are affiliated with Breaking Equity and do not endorse or recommend any information provided by Breaking Equity.

Focus on your strategies
we'll do the rest

Trading doesn't have to be hard. Breaking Equity brings a two-sided platform to build, buy and sell automated strategies. Not individual stocks or indexes but the strategies are first class citizens. Get a head start with investing ideas created by top investor or build, trade or sell your own as a creator.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

“I was always fascinated by trading and played with it for a couple of years. The reality is that I never had time to do it right. Being always in front of a screen was not an option for me. Breaking Equity allowed me to get where I wanted to be - algos are trading while I can spend time elsewhere.”


Day Trader

“Breaking Equity essentially moved my timeline for my goals and dreams by big factor much much earlier. I went from having no idea to been able to create my own trading algorithms in couple days.”


Day Trader

“I was very excited to getting started. It was nothing comparing the moment when I figured out how to beat the market with algos that can trade every day and do this consistently.”


Day Trader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for a Free account with your email or Google account. You will receive immediate access to 20 backtests, 2 algo, and community support.

We currently support Alpaca, TDAmeritrade, and Interactive Brokers. We will continue to announce new agreements with additional brokerage partners as they are signed and confirmed.

Call/email/tweet/message your broker and request an integration! If there is broker you want supported, the best thing you can do is help us push them to integrate.

Yes. With Breaking Equity you have full control of your strategy and whether or not you want to share it with others. Currently all strategies that you build or select are private but the Marketplace release will allow you to share or licence your ideas to others.

Breaking Equity enforces TLS encryption of all data transferred between you and Breaking Equity servers. For integration with brokerages Breaking Equity utilizes the most secure option of integration supported by specific brokerages, typically it is OAuth authentication with TLS encryption for data transfer.

All the Breaking Equity servers reside in the United States, close to brokerages servers, for extra performance and reduced security exposure risk.

We are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our customers’ data and information. It's stated in our Terms of Service Agreement.

Yes! Non-US traders can take full advantage through on of our supported brokerage partner integrations.