The Story of Breaking Equity

Our mission is to make active investing accesible

Reimagine the whole idea of active investing. Think of an App Store for investors. You can create and publish strategies on one side and browse and copy proven strategies built by seasoned investors on the other side.




Strategies Live


Traded per Week


2020 - September

Breaking Equity founded


2020 - October

First version of the platform launched


2021 - February

Beta vestion launched


2021 - July

Real Broker integrations added


2021 - November

Live launch of the platform



Marketplace launch

Our Story

We started Breaking Equity, because there are millions of people out there like us, who want to take advantage of the market, but just don’t know how. People can’t monitor the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The idea that the average person shouldn’t participate in the market is antiquated, and retail investors deserve every advantage that institutions have had for the past 40+ years.

This led us to build a platform for both seasoned traders and first time investors.

Our Approach

On the one side, we empower pro investors with Breaking Equity Lab, an Algo-trading platform to build, launch and test hedge fund-like strategies. Creators seek, test and publish new strategies competing for the market edge

On the other side, our Marketplace connects retail traders to high performing strategies offered by pro quants, with verified past performance and capital following these strategies.

We’re just getting started but we’re excited to put this out into the world. Join us today and help rethink active investing and how people access the financial markets.

Devin Crane, CEO and Co-Founder | BreakingEquity

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