You + Algo = SuperTrader

Algorithms are often painted as a panacea for all trading problems…as a set-and-forget-it solution that eliminates any need for human intervention. The effect of this is twofold — seasoned investors reject algo-trading’s misunderstood “too good to be true” persona as a scam; new traders approach this technology as a shortcut to reach their financial goals, basking in the fantasy of little bots magically making them rich and eventually get disappointed when they realize that automate trading requires more human effort than they thought.

Algo-trading isn’t a magic button that makes money grow on trees. Instead, think of it as an Ironman suit — combined with your inherent trading prowess and market knowledge, algorithms can help you beat the market. BreakingEquity gives you the tools to quickly create, test, and deploy various algo-armors to bank on new opportunities. Algorithms augment your strengths and speed up certain processes, but it’s you who make the calls. There is no algo more powerful than a trader armed with an algo.