~ 23% of Americans rely on astrology for buying or selling stocks – that’s the title of the article posted by LendingTree some time ago.

Americans mostly tap into their horoscope for making decisions on how to save money (42.1%) and whether it makes sense to splurge rather than save (33.5%). But 23.1% rely on astrology for buying or selling stocks, and the same percentage align their job-seeking activities with the positioning of the stars and the planets.

We backtested that for $SPY since 2015. We’re pretty sure there are unlimited variations of how you may read astrology when buying and selling stocks but for this study, we used Moon Phases.

People tend to think that on the full moon stocks go up…

The Setup

  • Buy on the full moon
  • Sell on the new moon
  • $10,000 for each trade
  • No stop loss
  • Testing both LONG and SHORT sides
Moon Phase Strategy Setup

The Results

Going long in a bull market is profitable as expected. At least that’s better than 90% of traders who lose money, according to CNBC.

LONG side results for $SPY
SHORT side results for $SPY

PS: Not financial/investment advice. Do your research and due diligence before trading or investing.